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Install crawl space insulation to cut energy cost

One of the easiest ways to cut your heating and cooling costs is by installing crawl space insulation. Although some tend to overlook its importance but it is as essential as attic and wall insulation. This insulation protects the pipes from freezing in the chilling winter season as well as makes it easier for the air conditioning to retain a constant temperature. Maintaining a constant temperature can dramatically reduce the energy cost. In addition to that, it helps in reducing moisture which prevents developing mold and other moisture related problems.
Correctly installed space insulation, keeps the inside air separate from the outside air. This moreover saves you from expensive energy bills. As un-insulated crawl space lets-in large amounts of outside air and makes way for the inside air to escape. This is one of the prime reasons behind high energy bills, because of constantly trying to maintain a standard temperature inside the house.

crawl space insulation
Before insulating you crawl space, the first thing to check is whether or not it is ventilated. Ventilated crawl space was preferred in older times but later it was discovered that they are not energy efficient and trap more moisture. So, ask the experts to help you decide the best insulation for your crawl space.

Installing insulation all by yourself
  • Insulating crawl space is simple but you need to take care of few things.
  • Seal the entire area under your house
  • Double check you have all the equipment like tough pants, gloves, goggles etc.
  • If the house is ventilated then seek for a R-value 20 insulation
  • If your area in not ventilated then go for a R-value of 10 for insulation
However, if you are unsure or overwhelmed, you could always ask an expert to take care of the insulation.

Prep the area
  • Sealing off the area. This is important
  • Make sure everything is air-tight. There should be any openings that could allow air to get in
  • If the pipes are exposed, then wrap them separately. It keeps it safe in the winter; prevents them from freezing and bursting. During summer months, it prevents the water from losing heat.
Crawl space insulation is essential to protect your home as well as cutting costs on energy bills, repairs and maintenance on the long run. You could set it up on you own or simply call in professionals, to install the right type of insulation for your house.


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